Old Testament Studies – Online Class

Welcome to a study of the book that the biblical heroes of the Christian faith taught from.  The Old Testament is the book referred to as scripture when Paul, James, Peter, and others speak to us about the Word of God.  We are going on a 12 week journey to understand this collection of ancient books and to, most of all, discover what God has to say to us from these pages.  What are these books? What kind of literature do we see here? What were the writers experiencing? What is the history and culture that influenced and shaped these people and these words? Why does any of that matter?  Let’s spend some time here together.

This class material is offered through the hard work and obedience of the team at The Discipleship Place and their Lay Ministry Studies program. The Discipleship Place Course

South Side adds to this great material with a chance for you to sit in on a class with other students and with Pastor Todd to lead the conversation.  If you take this course with use and send your answers to the quiz at the end of each course to office@southsidenaz.org we will make sure you receive your certificate. If you are interested in our Lay Ministers program please let us know as well. We would sure like to be involved in your growth.

Below you will find a link to the session materials and each week you will see the video from class appear below it.  You can join live on our Facebook page page @ 7pm each Wednesday.  See you there!

OT Session 1: Introduction to Old Testament Studies

OT Session 2: Literary, Historical, and Geographic Divisions

OT Session 3: Introduction to the Pentateuch

OT Session 4: Primeval History and Patriarchs/Matriarchs

OT Session 5: The Exodus Event and Covenant at Mount Sinai

OT Session 6: Entering the Promised Land and Call for Monarchy

Promised Land Map

OT Session 7: Period of the United Monarchy in Ancient Israel

OT Session 8: Divided Monarchy and Eighth Century BC Prophets

OT Session 9: The Period of the Exile

OT Session 10: The Postexilic Period

OT Session 11: Poetic and Wisdom Literature

OT Session 12: Synthesis: With a View to New Testament Fulfillment

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