Each week we as a Church Share in scripture with millions of other people. We do this with a tool we call Intersections. We invite you to take on of these scriptures and spend time in it.

Pray to God that as you read this morning He will reveal what he has in this scripture for you and for us. Then simply read it. Follow that by sitting back and meditating on what you have read. By that we simply mean stop and listen to it with your whole heart. Just stop and listen to what the Holy Spirit may have to say to you about it. Now prayer. Simply speak to God about what you read. Even is you side is to say you don’t get it. Then be prepared to listen. Read it again slowly and repeatedly. As you do take time to contemplate with this is all about. You could read the paragraphs before and behind. You could read the whole chapter. What you are looking for is to give it your full attention. Finally Pray again that God will show you how to put this into action. “Lord, what is the application of this in my life? What does this look like for me?” You don’t have to hear it now. But you will.

Read each days scripture and then on Friday as yourself what the connection was. We’d love to share with you. You can respond here or on Facebook. Let’s grow together!

Chronicle 03-17-19

03-18-19 intersection

Chronicle 03-10-1903-11-19 intersection

Chronicle 2.24.19

02-25-19 intersection

Chronicle 2.17.1902-18-19 intersection

Chronicle 2.3.1902-04-19 intersection

chronicle 1.20.19

01-21-19 intersection

Chronicle 12.30.18

12-31-19 intersection

Chronicle 12.23.18

12-24-19 intersection

Chronicle 12.16.18

12-17-19 intersection

Chronicle 12.9.1812-10-19 intersection

Chronicle 12.2.1812-03-19 intersection

Chronicle 11.25.18

11-26-19 intersection

Chronicle 11.18.18

11-19-19 intersection

Chronicle 11.11.18

11-12-19 intersection

Chronicle 11.4.18

11-05-19 intersection

Chronicle 10-14-1810-15-18 Intersection

Chronicle 09-23-18

09-24-18 Intersection

Chronicle 09-16-18

09-17-18 Intersection


Chronicle 09-09-1809-10-18 Intersection

Chronicle 09-02-1809-03-18 Intersection

Chronicle 08-26-18
08-27-18 Intersection

Chronicle 07-30-18

07-30-18 Intersection

Chronicle 07-01-18

07-01-18 Intersection

Chronicle 06-24-18

06-24-18 Intersection

Chronicle 06-17-18

06-17-18 Intersection

Chronicle 06-10-18

06-10-18 Intersection

Chronicle 06-03-18

06-03-18 Intersection

Chronicle 05-27-1805-27-18 Intersection

Chronicle 05-20-18

05-20-18 Intersection

Chronicle 05-13-18

05-13-18 Intersection

Chronicle 05-06-18

05-06-18 Intersection

Chronicle 04-29-18

04-29-18 Intersection

Chronicle 04-22-18

04-22-18 Intersection

Chronicle 04-15-1804-15-18 Intersection

Chronicle 04-08-1804-08-18 Intersection

Chronicle 04-01-1804-01-18 Intersection

Chronicle 03-25-18

Chronicle 03-18-18

03-18-18 Intersection

Intersection for March 11, 2018

Monday: John 12:20-33
Tuesday: Hebrews 5:5-10
Wednesday: Jeremiah 31:31-34
Thursday: Psalm 51:1-12
What was the connection?

Chronicle 03-04-18

03-04-18 Intersection

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