Simply Christian – Sunday School

When classes are offered at South Side Church we will often put those classes here online. This will allow you to attend whenever you like. Join us here or join us live on the Facebook page . Comment, question, participate.   We would love your input.

Simply Christian

Simply Christian: Believing and Belonging

Simply Christian: God Breathed

Simply Christian: Worship

Simply Christian: God’s Breath of Life

Jesus: Rescue and Renew

Jesus of History, How did he affect the world and our faith?

Who is Jesus?


Who, what, where is God?

Echoes “Beauty”

Echoes “Relationship”

Echoes “Spirituality”

Echoes “Justice”

Simply Christian – Introduction

How to Study the Bible – Taught by Pastor Todd.
This course is designed to help individuals learn basic principles needed to study the Bible. Course discusses obstacles to studying the Bible and how to overcome them, prayer, observation, exploration, application, and tools for studying Scripture.

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